I tweak things and make them better. I break ideas down and build them back up. I use whatever ideas and resources are at hand. I find the story that makes the whole fit together. I pull threads until they balance. I edit, troubleshoot, and iterate until I get it right. 

My interests include:

  • Creating radically inclusive spaces in STEM communities
  • Navigating interpersonal power dynamics
  • Helping people be their best and most effective selves
  • The organic chemistry of food, natural fibers, and dyes
  • Engineering approaches to traditional fiber and fabric arts techniques
  • Designing for function: fabric, fiber, and color
  • Editing for flow, clarity, conciseness, and technical content
  • D.I.Y., making, and general badassery

I’m available for teaching, speaking, consultation, and design. Email me: frances.hocutt a t gmail.