This summer, I was honored to give my first keynote address to the Open Source Bridge conference. It was my first F/OSS conference, and a wonderful place to start: full of interesting people, excellent talks, and good conversations, and a place where I felt like I might belong.

Stumptown Syndicate is the organization that runs Open Source Bridge and other volunteer-run Portland open source events. With more funding, these volunteers could focus their energies and do even more to create welcoming, accessible events.

Sumana Harihareswara has offered to match $15k of donations made by Dec 29th, and has written eloquently about why she’s doing so. I share her vision for a more hospitable community, and I want to support Stumptown Syndicate in creating and sharing resources to make it possible for more spaces like this to exist.

I’ve donated because I want to contribute to sustainable, welcoming spaces in F/OSS and because I want Open Source Bridge to be even better in future years. Join me and donate by the end of the 29th (today!) and your donation will have twice the impact.